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Deepika Padukone No Top Hot Photo Shoot Images

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Check out Bollywood's Five Most Fashionable men

Bollywood has some of the most fashionable stars who look dashing at almost all events or public appearance that they make. Over the years, there has been a certain brigade of male stars in B Town that have carved a niche for themselves in the world of fashion and style.

Many stars could be categorized in the list of the most fashionable hunks in tinsel town, however to pick the best five amongst them is certainly quite an uphill task.

Thus just going by a random selection there are these top five that take the cake in the world of high fashion and style.

Shahrukh Khan, this man has it all. The style, the elegance and the attitude to carry off any high fashion couture at any given point of time. His confidence adds more zing to his personality and at most events this star is seen suited and booted which dies call for his being on top of the list.

Not far behind is Salman Khan. This hunk has of course oodles of style and his shirtless stance notwithstanding, Salman Khan is one deadly Khan who looks all prim and proper in his great tuxedos and even while in casuals his penchant for designer clothes just beats any high world fashion male right to the hilt.

Saif Ali Khan is yet another stylish man in B Town who can carry off just about any look with a cool stance. This cool dude has the look and the attitude of an alpha male which adds a lot of class and panache to his personality which is quite a hit with all his female fan following.

Abhishek Bachchan, this is one actor in Bollywood who can give quite a tough competition to some of the stalwarts in the industry with his killer looks. However, his style and sense of dressing is always the center of attention as often he is expected to dress well due to his very stylish dad Big B.

But so to speak, Abhishek Bachchan has indeed got the perfect penchant for carrying himself with great attitude and aplomb combined with his ultra fashionable choice of clothes at events he does have the right to be on top of the most fashionable males in tinsel town.

Akshay Kumar is one star who has changed over the years. His casual sense of dressing earlier has now been replaced by some very classy designer wear which has added a lot of charisma and raw appeal to his deadly male image. Akshay Kumar is certainly one of the most stylish male stars in Bollywood today.

Source: Santabanta

Twinkle gifts hubby Akshay Rs 3.5 lakh Harley from US

Twinkle gifted her husband Akshay Kumar a custom-made Harley-Davidson shipped all the way from USA

Twinkle gifted her husband Akshay Kumar a custom-made Harley-Davidson shipped all the way from USA. The bike cost over $7000 (almost R 3.5 lakh).

Says a source close to Akki, "AK loves bikes and has been riding the same one for years. He has always dreamed of owning a customised high-end bike.

This time, on their tenth anniversary, Twinkle decided to gift him the bike. It's maroon-and-chrome and has specialised features."

Special delivery

Akshay has always wanted a bike with a laidback, comfortable seat as he likes to ride with Aarav and Tina in the pillion.

The good biwi made sure she got all of her hubby's specifications noted and then ordered it all the way from the office in USA and asked them to deliver it on their anniversary (January 17).

Khiladi Kumar was stunned to see the bike, adds the insider, "He immediately took Tina and Aarav out for a spin in Juhu.

Most wives would think of giving their husbands something safer but Twinkle knows her guy is an extremely safe driver who would never take unnecessary risks.

Whenever he's riding his bike, Akshay wears his helmet and undertakes all the safety measures one requires for a safe ride."