Friday, December 10, 2010

Katrina and Malaika : Munni - Sheila Battle Heats Up

Malaika and Katrina to perform at different branches of same hotel for New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve this year, Sheila and Munni are all set to clash at different branches of the same hotel.

While Malaika Arora Khan will be performing to Munni Badnaam Hui at the Sahara hotel in Amby Valley Katrina Kaif is all set to perform at the same hotel in Juhu.

Says a source, "Katrina and Malaika have never seen eye to eye with each other and this year the competition is between their individual chartbusters Munni Badnaam Hui and Sheila Ki Jawaani.

Each actress is intent on proving that hers is a bigger hit. Even when Katrina was dating Salman, they could barely stand each other and were just about cordial whenever they would meet.

Now, with New Year's eve coming up, both have been offered huge amounts of money to perform at different branches of the same hotel chain. "

The source adds that both Malaika and Katrina have even been offered the same amount of money.

"Both the songs are superhit and Katrina and Malaika have apparently both been offered Rs 2. 5 crore each to perform on New Year's Eve.

It will be interesting to see Katrina and Malaika try and outdo each other by performing to their own songs as well as to each other's songs. "

However, a source close to Katrina says, "Katrina has not yet decided whether she's going to perform this year though she has been offered potloads of money from various hotels for her chart-topping number Sheila ki jawani. For Katrina, her family has always come first and she always loves to spend Christmas with them. "

"This year too, she was planning to spend Christmas in London with them, as it's the only time of the year when the entire family comes together.

Tees Maar Khan releases during Christmas time and Katrina might get stuck in some post-release events too. So, as of now her New Year plans are not finalised, " added the source.

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Keira Knightely : Sex & Beauty Icon

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Ranbir’s late night nautanki outside Deepika’s house

Ranbir Kapoor’s surprise visit to his ex girlfriend, Deepika Padukone’s home, a couple of months ago, has become the talk of the town.

Buzz has it that, two months ago, ex-lover Ranbir was spotted in Deepika’s building compound at around 12.45 am, pleadingand later arguing with the watchman that he wanted to meet her. When the actor was not allowed inside, he called up Deepika and requested her to let him in. Deepika who was in no mood to even see his face, finally after making him wait for about half hour, asked the watchman to send him in.

While on the phone with Deepy, says an eyewitness, “Ranbir was overheard telling Deepika, ‘Please allow me to come up. I am sorry. I want to explain.”

Adds the witness, “This late night visit by Ranbir in Cozy Home Apartments is rather surprising. He used to come very frequently earlier to this place, when he was dating Deepika. But after they split in October 2009, he had completely stopped coming.”

Ranbir spent some time with Deepika and left around 1.45 am.

I wonder what he wanted from her???

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Karan Johar falls short of being a Sex Maniac!

For a director whose romantic life is as blank as a fresh sheet of paper, this acting role could have been a fresh breather. Grapevine has it that Vishal Bhardwaj had carved out one of the roles in his upcoming thriller Saat Khoon Maaf. And it was for Karan Johar of all people!

Considering the subject of the film, what is it that the acclaimed director would have played in his debut movie as an actor, if he had at all? The portrayal of a sex starved, love making husband to Priyanka Chopra. If this was not all, then he also had to beat up Priyanka after that!

Well, for such a horrifying role, we could expect nothing else but a no, which Karan promptly did. The director was not offered this role by Bhardwaj. Instead, Priyanka was knocked in for help to approach this director for acting, according to sources.

But obviously Priyanka could not get a yes from Karan. Infact, when Karan was asked whether this news was true, he said that he was indeed aghast at being thought of in relation to this film!

And as we said, this no-woman’s man was once again left without any fun!

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Preity to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta will soon be working with Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Well, the three stars will not get together for an upcoming film but to create awareness on the perils of tiger poaching. According to reports in the media, Preity Zinta has joined international celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell in a project which works towards saving the tiger.

It is true that the number of tigers in India and around the world have been decreasing at a very fast pace, largely on account of the lessening of jungles and shrubbery and the changing environmental conditions

. And this is exactly what Preity Zinta, Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell want to preach during their extensive tours to various tiger reserves around the world. The threesome were also the celebrity faces at the Global Tigers Initiative organized by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his country.

The dimpled Bollywood beauty may have taken a sabbatical from acting, but she is making full use of her time globe-trotting to create awareness on the tiger saving project and has also become the brand ambassador of a couple of well known companies.

Preity Zinta is also an avid user of Twitter and several posts over the past couple of weeks point to her association with the tiger saving campaign.

Preity Zinta has made the country proud by trying to protect India's national animal. When will you do your bit to save the paltry 1409 tigers that now exist in India?

Source : Santabanta

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